Anti Corrosive Coating

The extensive air pollutants from vehicles, factories, dying units, untreated waste flowing into drains are a major source of corrosive chemicals being emitted in an uncontrolled manner in most Indian cities. As all refrigeration based systems like air conditioners, water coolers, chillers etc. are made from copper metal; they develop minute leaks in the system. These leaks result in breaking down of these units affecting performance and life of the products. Magneto offers Heal ‘N’ Seal anti corrosive protective coating. Heal ‘N’ Seal is an epoxy coating that works as an anti corrosive treatment.

Magneto work will cover:
  • Coat new and old equipments to prevent corrosion.
  • Helps preventing leakage of ozone depleting gas in the environment.
  • Enhances life of the system.