Dry Mist Cooling

Dry Mist Cooling

Walking on lush green lawns, reveling in the nature, is an experience every human being cherishes. However, hot summer confines us to closed indoor spaces. To enhance your outdoor experience and to grace the elegance of your outdoor space. Magneto brings to you eKool dry mist cooling fan range. eKool dry mist fans are known for effective cooling instantly.

It is designed and developed by the best of engineers to match up the need of the rising temperature and fits well with your designed decor. It works on the principles of flash evaporation and spin disk atomization. The water droplets it produces are so minute that they cool down your body temperature without drenching you in water thus giving instant cooling.

The eKool Dry Mist Cooling Fans are flexible, they can be used at any outdoor or semi-covered area be it a garden, balcony, terrace, shopping mall etc. The eKool range is adaptive according to the need of the consumer, as the misting quantity can be controlled as the need.


mist cooling fan 1. A Non Wetting Cooling Technology 2. Reduces Dust in the air 3. Cools down 10⁰-20⁰ C 4. Specially designed for outdoor spaces 5. Non clog features 6. Different installation types 7. Green Technology 8. Attractive Design   FAQ PPT Catalogue                                                                     


Power Source (V/Hz) 220/50 220/50
Power Consumption (Watts) 122 180
Air Flow Volume (cmh) 1200 3000
Area Coverage* (sq.ft) 400 800
Water Tank Size (L) 2.5 110
Weight (Kg) 12 28
Dimensions (W*D*H)(mm) 710*420*850 780*780*1800
Installation Type Floor & Ceiling Mounted Floor Movable
*Area Coverage is subject to change as per operating conditions.