Magneto Maintenance Services

Magneto offers quality services with rapid response and reliability. HVAC system preventive programs keep your Air conditioning systems efficient and trouble free. The periodic AC servicing optimizes the performance of the units. We undertake Maintenance Service Contracts for both Commercial & Residential Projects. We value our customers with the following benefits:
  • Increase the efficiency and performance of systems
  • Saving on energy and breakdown calls.
  • Longer life span of Airconditioning equipments.
  • Ensuring comfort to its users.

TYPES OF Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract Magneto AMC includes all labour, repair, technical support, spare parts, consumables like refrigerant etc. of HVAC Systems. It also covers Scheduled preventive AC maintenance services and attending to all break down calls. Labour Maintenance Contract Magneto LMC includes all labour & technical support. It also covers carrying out Scheduled preventive maintenance services and attending to all break down calls. Spare parts and consumables are made available at competitive prices.