PHIO + (Photo Hydro Ionized Oxidation)is a hybrid Active Air Purification technology that produces friendly ion plasmatic hydrogen based oxidizers that improve indoor air quality. PHI Cell or Photo hydro ionization Cell technology is a one of its kind triple benefit technology: It purifies the air, saves energy and improves the health of the users. PHIO + is a hybrid technology consisting of a honey comb structured hydrated four unique metal catalyst exposed to Ultra Violet light of C waveband, and an electromagnetic cell that uses the bipolar ionization technology.

PHI cell air purifier is an Advanced Oxidation Process used as an active Air Purification technology that delivers clean & pure air and reduces air pollutants substantially.

PHI cell


1. PHIO+ is highly effective against: a. Microbes (Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, mould etc.) b. TVOCs & Gases (Formaldehyde, H2S , 273 chemical compounds etc.) c. Particles (Dust, Dander, Pollen) d. E-smog (Static Electrical Charges) e. Odour (Malodor, Pets, Rotten Food, etc.) 2. Saves Energy 3. Easy Installation 4. Provides various health benefits



  Induct Application(Supply Air)
Model# Cell Length inside duct(mm) *HVAC Air Qty(CFM) *Coverage Area max(sqft.) Duct Cutout hole Dia(mm)
PHIO 250 225 2000-5000 2000 140
PHIO 510 225 5000-10000 4000 140
PHIO 1015 350 10000-15000 6000 140
PHIO 1520 350 15000-20000 8000 140
Optional- On site Air Quality Testing Services are also available.